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Inside You provides professional Psychological Services

Inside You started With a small team of five having an idea which we wanted to turn into reality. It’s a proud moment to introduce INSIDEYOU which aims to provide Life coaching, counselling and consulting services. We help you in achieving your full potential and accomplish the most out of your Life.

What We Offer at Inside You?

Corporate Coaching

“Aspire to Inspire before we Expire.”-Eugene Bell Jr Making an ideal personality and attaining success in your career is no more impossible

Change Management

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”- Abrahm Lincoln Difficulty in accepting a change? We will help you in restructuring your feelings, thoughts and behavior.

Purposeful Living

” The purpose of our lives is to be happy. “- Dalai Lama Reaching your own level of Self Actualization Just have to focus your energy in the right direction.

Psychological Aid

Therapeutic approach to overcome psychological issues. It ranges from minimal anxiety to major clinical depression which prevails in children, adolescent and adults.

What People Are Saying about Inside You

How can I start, maybe the best thing happened in my life. I was feeling invalidated everywhere, you know like you know that you want to do something about yourself but couldn't. And then you see a way to do it, that is Prakriti Mam for me. You will feel all safe and nice and warm with her. She makes everything sense, doesn't invalidate or discriminate.
I have been in touch with Prakriti from InsideYou since last few months. I was in the middle of deciding to go ahead for a Masters in psychology or not. At that point, I was quite confused and looking for some guidance to gain clarity and make an informed decision. I was really touched on a personal level with how willing and patient Prakriti was to guide me. She never rushed in our calls and always made sure that I could reach out to her freely. She has been integral in my journey to pursue psychology and still continues to be.
Shreya Kabir
importance of self identity

Importance of Self Identity and its Benefit

Hasn’t it happened to you, that you prepare for something with a hundred percent effort and someone just shatters it?. We come across such situations daily, one of the experiences could be like when you are on the stage, performing the best piece you ever prepared, “your performance is terrible” someone shouts from the audience, that person starts to mock you, and criticizes your work openly. Many people start laughing, and the moment is ruined

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Life Coaching- A path to rediscover yourself

What is Life Coaching ? Life Coaching is a process of Personality Development focusing on various aspects of Life. A life coach provides a new perspective on its client’s personality. The enhancement in the personality is through Questioning, Observing, Encouraging, Supporting, and Motivating with constructive Feedback. A Life coach develops an accountability factor in the client’s personality to assist in meeting Life Goals. These transformational life coaching process will help the client in: Attaining newness

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How to Achieve a Healthy Mindset During Lockdown

What is a Healthy Mindset ? Mindset is a set of assumptions, notions, beliefs and ideologies a person carries on oneself or a person or a set of groups. Mindset means a collection of thoughts and beliefs which help in shaping habits. Habits in the long run form a lifestyle. It is crucial to start with, working on developing a positive and healthy mindset. The development of a healthy mindset starts with self-love. Accepting yourself as who you

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