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"Corporate Counselling works because it's all about you. When you connect with what you really want and why - and take action - magical things can happen."

Emma-Louise Elsey

Do you get entangled with questions such as-

What should I do to achieve a great career ? Is this job giving me a development curve in my career? Is this what I always wanted to pursue as a career? How do I get out of this monotonous job ? Why is my job so challenging? Why does my team not listen to me?

 Am I bad at handling the team? How do I convert my personality as a good leader? Why do I not get a promotion even if I work really hard?  What is missing in my career because of which I am still unsure?  Can I do better than What I am currently doing ?

Yes! You Can !

Corporate counselling is a push that you require to embrace your communication and interactions with others. lnsideYou will help you in getting insight of your internal potential, capabilities,under-utilized resources within you.

Corporate counselling is the initial step for leading your career at the highest pace. Counselling not only provides awareness of your competencies but guides you to how you can re-establish yourself while tweaking your actions for optimal results. Our counselling program will help you bring power to your conscious mind which will contribute in making wise decisions like a leader.


InsideYou will assist to forge your path by

  1. Learning business relationship management.
  2. Resume Building techniques
  3. Interview Skills
  4. Training and development of soft skills of your employees.
  5. College to corporate transformation for freshers.
  6. Training First time managers with team handling approach. 
  7. Helping the leaders in developing an emotionally centered work environment.
  8. Supporting organisations to improve motivation level and make efficient human resource.
  9. Providing Startups with efficient coaching on planning and implementations.
  10. Guiding students who are searching an opportunity into Corporates.
  11. Building an influential Personality.
  12. Gaining different aspects of leadership skills.
  13. Serving people to restart their career after a long break.


We at InsideYou believe “There is no such thing as Failure, only Feedback!”- Thomas Edison 

For students who feel anxious during an interview, for freshers who do not have a goal for their career, for an experienced employee who wants to become an entrepreneur and for the organisations who want their employees to be motivated and become an efficient resource in the growth of the organisation.

Corporate coaching helps them in learning to plan out their baby steps to a whole success plan. After the coaching, our client is fully acquainted with the process of identification of one’s goals in life to reach at a stage of maximum potential and building an influential personality to reach  their own standards of success. Through the intensive training on various tools  to change the limited beliefs about oneself, increase their emotional well being, and learn new skills, set and achieve goals, we prepare our clients for a lifelong success mantra.


You are the ultimate source of energy that can achieve anything and everything you desire for. But how? Let’s check out the action plan which is personalised for every client based on their Life Goals.

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