How to Achieve a Healthy Mindset During Lockdown

Breathing for healthy mindset

What is a Healthy Mindset ?

Mindset is a set of assumptions, notions, beliefs and ideologies a person carries on oneself or a person or a set of groups. Mindset means a collection of thoughts and beliefs which help in shaping habits. Habits in the long run form a lifestyle. It is crucial to start with, working on developing a positive and healthy mindset. The development of a healthy mindset starts with self-love. Accepting yourself as who you are and being friends with yourself. Being mindful of how you talk to yourself. Are you critical? Do you use harsh words to describe yourself?. Unless you feel good in your own skin (Self-love), it is unimaginable to even feel the urge to work on yourself? So if you feel ready to start this process of growth then follow along.

Healthy Mindset can give you new results

How to develop a Healthy Mindset ?

Developing a healthy mindset starts from what you are feeding your body and mind.

Imagine you are feeding your mind with negative news, negative comments about yourself and you aren’t giving anything positive to yourself like reading books, getting involved in activities that can bring growth, discovering new perspectives or generally accepting our reality. Imagine the same for your body, you are eating junk food and not exercising, so would you have a flattering body? the chances of that happening are very minuscule.

 What we feed our body and mind, it is replicated in our conversations, how we will feel about ourselves and others and how others view us. Reading books (finding your genre, exploring), listening to podcasts, listening to mourning affirmations, practicing journalism and meditation, inculcating these activities in your daily life will serve as exercising your mind daily, it is a gym for your brain. The same goes for your body, be mindful of what you eat, listen, speak, time you spend daily working on your body and take a good look at the type of people you surround yourself with.

Why do we need a Healthy Mindset ?

Healthy mindset is important as it helps you have better control over your emotions, be mindful, and understand yourself better. In the long run it is a gift to have healthy habits and lifestyle. Its importance will show in your interactions, your knowledge and the way you approach a problem. People with a healthy mindset are growth and success oriented. They focus on solutions and not the problem.

At this time and in general, Lockdown or dealing with the unknown has been a task and it has ill effects on one’s mental and physical healthFurther in the blog, the impact of Lockdown on mental health, how to adapt to the new normal and how to cope with mental health issues will be discussed.

Impact of lockdown on Mindset

Lockdown has various impacts on our mindsetLockdown is accompanied by constant worry about the future and can trigger anxiety and stress. Lockdown is the fear of unknown, unseen, and human beings as a whole like maintaining a sense of predictability and stability.

It is common to miss out on paying attention to the usage of words, the words we express to describe fears and helplessness around the global pandemic have a great influence on collective mental health. It means we need to be mindful of what we are feeding our mind, the unconscious usage of “anxiety” and “panic/hoarding” can be changed to “concern” “Being prepared”. The way we communicate and understand the issue at hand assists us in dealing and coping with it in the long run, for better coping change your dictionary consciously to see changes consciously.

To deal and put in perspective any issue one needs to calm down and look for the brighter side. There is always a choice to look at the glass as half full, half empty, or as refillable. The choice  is yours to make. The importance lies in choosing your actions.

The first and foremost responses to the pandemic have been fear and confusion.

There are 5 steps to cope with Lockdown and Achieve a Healthy Mindset

First Step: Feel

Notice your experience. Do you feel the tension in your chest, shoulders, a heavy headache, or stomach pain? Be attentive to how your body reacts,physical symptoms are common and are easy to observe. Don’t put them aside, rather observe and consult an expert if seemed necessary.

Second Step: Label the Experience

Give your experience a short name. Such as “Unhelpful thinking” or “Overthinking”.

Anxiety stems from the inability to understand the unknown so naming your experience will help ease up your anxiety instantly.


Third Step: Allow yourself to Experience

Remind yourself, it is okay to feel this way and most of the people are feeling the same.

‘I am not alone’. It is essential to reassure yourself, don’t forget that it shall too pass and keep breathing.

Focus on your breathing as it is a sign of survival and life, “you are fine and you will sail through”. If this gets out of hand, please don’t hesitate and reach out to an expert. 

“You are fine”

Fourth Step: Response to the Discomfort

Say “I don’t know” take some slow breathes. Stop fighting your thoughts and acknowledge first and then disengage from the unhelpful thinking. Try to recognize your thoughts and ask yourself questions “what is the evidence to support what I am feeling?”

Stop fighting your thoughts

Fifth Step: Expand your Awareness

Take in the sights and sounds around you (Grounding technique). Focus on the present instead of the future. Anxiety is about the future and devoid of present, focusing on present will help you come back to the here and now.

Focus on Present

Subsequently, many efficient steps are there that can be inculcated to cope with Lockdown. Some of the measures which can be employed to improve mental health are listed below:-

Physical distance, not  social distance

Although you are under strict lockdown keep in regular contact with family and close friends by telephone and social media. Do not push people away. Everyone has their ups and downs and being vulnerable does not make you any less normal.

Have a routine

Keep up with daily routines as far as possible or make new ones. Even though you are stuck at home, try your best to keep yourself active.

  • Get up and go to bed at similar times every day.
  • Keep up with personal hygiene.
  • Eat healthy meals at regular times.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Allocate time for working and time for resting.
  • Make time for doing things you enjoy.

Feel your Feelings

At these times it is pretty natural to have a sudden burst of emotions without any trigger. It may be overwhelming and you will find the need to suppress it but don’t. When it comes to having any painful feeling, the only way out is through. If you’re sad, go ahead and be sad; you can let yourself be sad and you will definitely feel better faster. Everyone has their own ways of processing their emotions and their own ways are always the best ways.

Create creative ventures/hobbies

 Engage yourself in productive activities and hobbies. Finishing any pending work, watching a favorite movie, discovering your interests, getting in bed with an intriguing novel, or interning at a firm of your interest are some ways to seek relief and find balance in our day-to-day life.

Effect of Healthy Mindset

  •  Good self-esteem
  •  Self-confidence
  • Communication improves
  • Ability to set boundaries in relationships

Resources of Developing a Healthy Mindset

Find Creative let out for your Energy

  • Theater
  • Exercise
  • Journalism
  •  Writing blog
  • Explore what makes you happy and connected to yourself

Ask yourself daily without fail. Who am I without my school, college, profession etc. ? 

Am I willing to give an hour or two everyday on self work?

Am I my own priority?

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