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With a small team having an idea which we wanted to turn into reality. It’s a proud moment to introduce INSIDEYOU which aims to provide Life coaching, clinical counselling and corporate training. We help you in achieving your full potential and accomplish the most out of your Life.

Moreover, India in its journey to be a developed country, it is leading to advancement in people’s life resulting into more unstable life. Everyone already has so much on their plate though, they have a wish to have more and more. Sometimes we are so confused that we get stuck at a point not knowing where we are leading? What is to be done is unclear. It creates confusion and makes a person stuck at a point. 

Hence, during such a drastic shift, the need of counseling, coaching and training will soon become a necessity. To support you, INSIDEYOU is here to help you by offering personalized services.

Our team of clinical psychologists, special educators, counseling psychologists are here to support you. Furthermore, Our vision is to encourage people to understand the importance of Mental Health. We offer our online services to people all over India. 




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Competencies at InsideYou

One needs to have an advantage over other in order to succeed in life. Our core competencies clearly shows what we excel at and our contribution towards client benefit.

Psychological Service
Advanced Therapies
Client Centered Approach

Who came up with it

InsideYou consists of few of the best minds in India when it comes to psychologist. With expertise in understanding Human Behavior, you can be 100% sure that you are in safe hands.

Abhay Sharma

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